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It’s a Christmas Secret!

Hi guys!

We hope you’ve all had an awesome christmas!

Itsy has been spinning away and so we’ve got something to share with you. But it’s an Itsy Bitsy secret so check out our box! We’re looking for our feathered friend, so once you’ve found what we’re looking for (hint: It’s a web address, check our main spider web for a clue), either scan the code or click the image, then copy the web address or type it into the box along with your name and email address(so we can share our secret) and we’ll email back to you.

Got any interesting christmas stories?
Get any unusual christmas presents?

Give us a shout 🙂



Itsy Bitsy Uni Campus!

With the approaching university exams, you may think that everyone is in studying hard…
Well, I (Rebs, Itsy Bitsy’s guitarist) have taken just a short while out of that study *cough cough* to give you all a tour of our uni!

Itsy Bitsy Campus tour

Can anyone feel a draught?

Hi guys!

Are you all enjoying the lovely weather?
If you’re not from the UK then you may not have seen the water that drenches you the minute you go out in it or that breeze that seems to have you ducking for cover in the nearest shelter or extending your ten minute walk to twenty.
What’s the weather like where you are?
We’ve asked our facebook fans what their favourite weather is. Let us know by going to facebook.com/itsybitsyband
Maybe you’ve seen something funny relating to this whole weather business.

Give us a shout on our spiderweb 🙂

We are online(nearly)!

Hey guys!
Hope you’re all well and getting as excited as we are about our websites 🙂
Just to let you all know that we’re in the process of setting up our social sites and are almost done so you should be able to check us out here (itsybitsyband.wordpress.com)  facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/ItsyBitsyBand) on twitter ( @itsybitsyband) and on youtube (www.youtube.com/itsybitsyband)

Hope to hear from you soon. Any questions get in touch!!

Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy Spider


We are very excited to be posting our first blog!

So we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Itsy Bitsy.

Keep a watch out for this space! Our debut will be coming up but it’s an itsy bitsy secret.
If you look here and there, a secret we’ll share.
So be sure to look out and give us a shout.

Itsy Bitsy