We’re Itsy Bitsy, a rock band from the west coast (of Scotland).
We’ve got 3 members:-


So what are we about?

Making great rock music and getting to know all of you. So please leave us messages and feedback.
Currently in practice. Planning our launch gig. Want to know more? That’s where you come in!
Each gig we play, we are going to give you a series of clues leading up to it. You’re task is to work your way through Itsy Bitsy’s Web to find them.
Need some help? No worries, you’ll be given hints by our Itsy Bitsy Secret box on our main page. Just type in your clue and we’ll email you as soon as we can.
Itsy Bitsy will be posting pics and videos as well so check us out. If you like us, follow us! (There will even be the occasional freebie!)

Good luck

Itsy Bitsy


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